Everybody can take a swing at the ball but not everyone leaves a golf vacation with the trophy. The difference is actually on how you make the swing that hits the ball to the hole. That is what separates the champions from the rest. There are few secrets that champions know and apply whenever they take any golfing package. If you want deals on Orlando golf packages, then check out Tee Times USA's website.

The magic has always been in the swing. You get the swing right you get the winning hit. All that one really needs is to get through the golf swing secrets and be ready to implement them. Here are a number of secrets that will make any golfer proud of their play. 

The trick to acceleration 

If you believe that to made solid contact you need to accelerate your putting stroke or your chipping stroke, then you will be disappointed. You will realize that you may end up jerking the club off the line and get the wrong hit. However, here is a secret that will make things work for you. Gravity has a constant acceleration. That means that when the club is swung downwards it will accelerate by itself. The problem that people usually have is that they simply hit the ball with the club. The right way is to swing the club through the ball. If you understand this then you still have to accelerate the club even as you hit the ball. 

Make an over the top swing 

You will always be advised on how to avoid coming over the top of your downswing. You have to ignore all these advises because none of them is true nor confirmed. Here is the secret. When you are over the top coming down with the swing, you will most likely bend your elbow and lift your hands as you start back. Just as you have finished turning your upper body and your hands are positioned lower than your shoulders then you will need to lift almost straight up so that you are able to get the top of your backswing right. To get it right, all you need to do is turn your shoulders first and ensure that you do not bend your elbow not until your hands are waist high. With this considered you will have a correct plane and your downswing will come from a downward motion.  

Make the shot thin and flat 

Many people have a problem of hitting the ball solid. You may find yourself hitting the ball behind or even hit the ground. You may be finding a problem keeping your head down out of the natural feeling that it is your head that keeps the balance. When playing golf, the stability that you get comes from the knees. Your knees are responsible for the stability of your body when you are making the swing and they act as the shock absorbers that are on a bumpy road. All you need to do is keep your knees gently flexed throughout your swing. You have to let your lower body relax and that is how you get a consistent strike that is thin and flat. A thing and flat shot gets the ball under control. It not only translates the right level of force on the ball but also directs it in the right direction. 

Casting the club 

If you can cast your club in the right way, you will always get the swing right. Many players cast their club at the top of their backswing just as is the case with the fishing rod. With technique, you can lose your wrist cock just as your hands are halfway down. Guess what, you can cast your club right way by practicing this approach. Your hands have no role during the golf swing other than hold the club. All you need to do with them is get a firm grip. When it comes to casting the club, you need to keep your wrist and forearm relaxed as you do the swing. The weight of the club as you change the direction of the swing should play a role in cocking your wrist as you get it down to your waist level. That is the right way to do a cast in golf. 

These secrets will definitely get you the swing that you need.  

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